Begin the new year with a savory, yet sweet appetizer!

Who doesn't love receiving the Fearless Flyer in the mail? As an adult, most of my mail consists of junk, bills, or the occasional check. The one ray of light (besides the checks) is Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer detailing all their new and seasonal items. One of these items is their Pimento Cheese Puffs.

I visited Savannah, Georgia, with my family back in May and fell in love with pimento cheese. While it's prevalent down south, you have to hunt a bit for it up north. Fortunately, Trader Joe's came to the rescue. They launched their own version of pimento cheese over the summer, and then in November, they debuted their Pimento Cheese Puffs, a "puff pastry that’s been crafted into the shape of a delicately fluted cup. That cup is filled with a classic pimento cheese recipe—of course—and then gilded with uncured bacon and caramelized onions. Baked in a 400ºF oven, the puff pastry takes on a golden sheen; the finished Puffs deliver a slight crunch and smooth creaminess, lots of savory, and a touch of sweet."

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I would also add that they have a bit of a kick to them as well. While I did enjoy these delicate puffs, I didn't love them. Full disclosure, I made the whole package for myself and might have had more than one or two. Although, according to the package, the serving size is 4. For me, it needed another flavor. 

I contemplated dipping them in sour cream to add to the savory, but decided to put a little raspberry jam on them to bring out the sweetness. If you really like a kick, I think siracha would also have been a good combination. I'm not sure if it was the uncured bacon that didn't go well with the cheese or the caramelized onions. Either way, the flavors blended together and made the cheese a bit bland.

I will say if you follow the directions exactly, they came out actually looking like they should. I lined my baking sheet with foil, so I didn't run into any sticking issues. Depending on your oven, the recommended 12-14 minutes should do the trick. For those interested in the ingredients and nutritional info, see below:


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At $4.99 for a box of 12, they're not going to blow your budget. While I wouldn't recommend them as an afternoon snack, I think if you were having a party and serving a variety of appetizers, they would make a nice addition. 

If you're interested in trying them, I'd head to Trader Joe's sooner rather than later. Their new items sometimes have a short life span, especially when they come out around the holidays.

Are you a fan of pimento cheese? If so, have you tried Trader Joe's Pimento Cheese Puffs? What did you think?