Sprinkle into spring with these delicious, butter cookies filled with buttercream frosting and colorful sprinkles!

When my dear husband made a Trader Joe's trip the other day, I told him to please find me some new items to try (and review!). He, fortunately, did not disappoint. He walked in with a box of their new These Sprinkles Walk into A Sandwich Cookie that I had heard about on Trader Joe's episode 24 podcast

The six-cookie box features crumbly, sprinkle-dotted butter cookies filled with a thick layer of buttercream frosting. While the box only contains six cookie sandwiches, which at first was a bit disappointing, they are pretty rich. I personally ate three in one sitting, so the $2.99 box lasted me two sittings. I suppose it is worth stating that the serving size is oneā€”but who only eats one cookie?

sprinkle cookies

Courtesy of Trader Joe's

For those that stay away from numbered food dyes, rest easy: Trader Joe's colorful sprinkles get their vibrant colors from veggie juice and plant extracts. Fortunately, you would never know by the taste. They're still deliciously sweet and are reminiscent of a sprinkle-laced birthday cake you may have had as a kid.

I personally prefer my desserts to be chocolate, but I was pleasantly surprised by this non-chocolate alternative. While I tried these after dinner, I think they would be quite scrumptious with coffee or tea. The birthday cake-inspired cookies are one of Trader Joe's limited-availability products, so if you see them on your next TJ-run, be sure to snag a box or two!

cookie display

Courtesy of ezequielojeda's Instagram

I've also heard rave reviews about Trader Joe's Springle Jangle, their springtime take on their popular, holiday Jingle Jangle, so I'm hoping to try that next. 

Have you tried Trader Joe's new These Sprinkles Walk into A Sandwich Cookie yet? If not, what's your favorite new product you're munching on these days? Let us know in the comments!