... Yum?

As Brood X descends onto the east coast, a Maryland candy shop has introduced a concoction that's causing quite the buzz. And boy, do we mean literally.

Gaithersburg-based business Chouquette Chocolates is selling chocolate-covered cicadas. Along with other insect-themed sweets like decorated caramels and a cicada-shaped chocolate bar, strong-willed customers can purchase a box of the actual bugs coated in decadent chocolate to celebrate the swarm's 17-year reappearance.

"Love them or hate them, Brood X is here..  Cicada Summer 2021 Tour.  Lean In to the invasion and Celebrate the 17 year cycle," their website says.

How are they made? It turns out they're easy enough to whip up at home. As shown in a video shot by WBAL-TV, the bugs are air-fried, coated in cinnamon, and dipped in the store's fair-trade chocolate, which is reserved for this particular delicacy only. The website gives you a choice between milk chocolate and dark chocolate for the coating as well as cinnamon and Bay spice. They'll go perfectly with your cicada tattoo!

So the question that's probably on everyone's mind is how they taste. Founder Sarah Dwyer asserts their crispy texture resembles a classic snack food. "It's really like a chocolate-covered potato chip. It's really crunchy because we air-fry them. So, we clean them first, then air-fry them and then dip them in chocolate and you sprinkle whatever spice you want on top," Dwyer told WBAL-TV.

Forrest Gump was onto something when he compared life to be like a box of chocolates. You really don't know what you're going to get!

In addition to the cicada lineup, the chocolatier offers plenty of other goodies for sweet tooths to enjoy, including Chocolate Twigs, Cherry Blossom Chocolates, and assortments honoring Health Care Heroes and recent graduates.

While Chouquette Chocolates' wares can be found in-person at Baltimore's 2910 on the Square, the chocolate-covered cicadas will only be available online. They're also limited-edition (after all, it is a once-in-a-17-year occasion), so get 'em before they fly off the shelves! You can place your order here if you dare.

Let's hear from you! Would you try a chocolate-covered cicada? Have you ever eaten delicacies like this before? Share your experiences in the comments.