Cheetos Mac 'N Cheese comes exclusively to Walmart on Saturday, August 8.

Your favorite cheese puff snack is coming to you in a new form—pasta. Frito-Lay has created three new pasta mixes inspired by the classic Cheetos snacks: Bold and Cheesy, Cheesy Jalapeño, and Flamin' Hot. The mixes come in single and multi-serving packages and will be available in stores and online on August 8, 2020. Earlier this year, Frito Lay expanded the Cheetos brand into ready-to-eat popcorn.

As the pandemic raged and people cooked more meals at home, sales of macaroni and cheese skyrocketed. Stores had to implement per-person limits on the affordable pantry staple. The Cheetos Mac ’N Cheese cooks up just like the traditional cheese version but with a unique twist.

"This one-of-a-kind innovation leverages the strength of our brands to hack into a household staple and take it to the next level with unique flavor experiences only Cheetos can provide," said Kristin Kroepfl, VP, CMO Quaker Foods North America. "We look forward to bringing our passionate consumers the same Cheetos taste in a brand new way.”

Cheetos Mac 'N Cheese

Courtesy Cheetos, Frito-Lay

Cheetos Mac ’N Cheese incorporates corkscrew pasta and requires milk and butter or margarine. The traditional cheese, jalapeño, and Flamin’ Hot flavors are available in both sizes. The single serve cups can be prepared in the microwave by just adding water. Cheetos Mac ’N Cheese will be exclusive to Walmart until 2021.

Cheetos were invented in 1948 by Charles Doolin. Doolin lacked the equipment he needed to mass-produce the snack so he partnered with another potato chip maker, Herman Lay. Originally, the brand only sold the crunchy and the puff versions. The popular Flamin’ Hot Cheetos didn’t hit store shelves until 1991. The spicy snack ran into trouble in 2012 when schools in several states banned them from lunchrooms for monopolizing kids’ lunches and making a mess for the staff to clean up. Now that it's consumable in mac 'n cheese form, maybe the Flamin' Hot flavor will be more acceptable again.