I'm already pursing my lips from the soury goodness!

Starting with the "Dollaritas," Applebee's has started selling a $1 drink of the month, enticing your desire to make your stomach miserable but your wallet happy!

This month, we have ... drum roll, please ... Raspberry Vodka Lemonade (Yum)! I love a good sour treat (Sour Patch Kids are my favorite). 

Here is the announcement:

I can already taste the crisp and sour (*cough* delicious, I mean delicious *cough*) drink that is perfectly refreshing for these hot days! 

So, what will be in this beverage anyways? The recipe is simple: Tropicana lemonade, raspberry and fresh lemon juice, and vodka (that's it)! For just $1 you get 10 ounces of this delicious cocktail ... just don't chug it!

This will be me: 

Courtesy of Giphy

No matter how easy (and cheap) it may seem to cool down with this drink after a hot day in the sun, please don't forget to drink water for the actual hydration. I don't think your boss would like to hear that you can't come into work because you went crazy at Applebee's with the $1 drinks. 

Have you tried their $1 drinks in the past? How many do you plan to have? Tell us in the comments!