It’s a new year and a new month, and Applebee’s $1 Neighborhood Drink of the Month will not disappoint. 

After the hectic holidays, you’ll enjoy unwinding with this pretty blue cocktail. The Neighborhood Drink of the Month is the $1 Vodka Rum Frostbite—a white and bright blue swirled cocktail combination of vodka and rum, with Blue Curacao, coconut, and pineapple juice, served on the rocks in a 10 oz. mug. Wait, we’re not on a tropical island, lying on the beach, and being served cocktails by cabana servers … Ah, it did feel like it for a minute, though.  

"Yes, it’s a tropical rum drink at heart, but we added vodka for good measure…in the peak of chilly weather, it’s the perfect warm up when you’re ready to tell winter to frost itself," said Patrick Kirk, our favorite VP of Beverage Innovation at Applebee’s.

While you're enjoying your delicious tropical $1 Vodka Rum Frostbite, you might get a "little" hungry; therefore, I suggest you take advantage of the $12.99 all-you-can-eat deal. Choose the Crispy Double Crunch Shrimp, Saucy Riblets, or Boneless Wings. Not only are each of these three delicious meals all-you-can-eat, but they're served with endless french fries and a side of coleslaw with your first order. The best thing about this deal is if you want to try mix things up, you can choose other options on your next rounds. How awesome is that?

Applebees Drink of the Month All You Can Eat January 2020

Courtesy of Applebee's

Now those are some major deals for drinking and eating good in the neighborhood. Hard to beat, for sure!

Cheers to a happy new year, friends!