These drinks put the "boo" in "boozy"!

It's nearly October, which means we're that much closer to Halloween! And in honor of the Spooky Season, Applebee's is bringing back its popular holiday-themed cocktails, which are available now through October 31.

Served in "Mucho" glasses, there are two giant cocktails to choose from: the Tipsy Zombie—a tropical blue cocktail with Barcadi Superior, Midori, and a gummy brain (very similar to the $1 Zombie drink from last year!)—and Dracula's Juice, which is a frozen drink made with Patrón Tequila, Bacardi Superior, wildberry, and margarita mix. Oh, and did we mention the cocktails are only $5 each?

You'll also have the chance to get these Halloween-themed cocktails to-go, from select locations. Find your nearest Applebee's location.

We'll totally be grabbing some of these cocktails to-go so we can sip on them as we have a Halloween movie marathon!

What do you think of the spooky Halloween-themed cocktails from Applebee's? Will you be giving either of them (or both) a taste? Comment below.