It's a party in a glass! All. March. Long.

Celebrate March with "The L.I.T." (a classic Long Island iced tea!), this month's Applebee's $1 Neighborhood drink of the month.

I know it's great marketing to keep us all waiting for Applebee's to "spill the tea" about the $1 Neighborhood Drink of the Month. Alas, it's finally been spilled, and the announcement was released that March's $1 Neighborhood Drink is a classic Long Island Iced Tea. 

The L.I.T. is a concoction of every wonderful spirit, including vodka, rum, gin, and tequila, shaken with triple sec, sweet and sour mix, and topped off with a splash of Pepsi (I wonder if they'd top it off with Diet Pepsi? It doesn't hurt to ask!). This iconic cocktail is served in a 10-oz. mug and will be available through the end of March. 

I have to admit, I thought this month's magical $1 drink would be something green, in ode to St. Patrick's Day. However, there's so much more going on in the month of March. I am not disappointed because I believe in our genius Applebee's VP of Beverage Innovation's vision (I think I might start a Patrick Kirk, Applebee's fan club—are you with me?).

“With so much excitement this month – basketball brackets, St. Patrick’s Day, spring break – we wanted to give our guests a drink that will help them celebrate any and all occasions,”

 Applebee's, VP of Beverage Innovation, Patrick Kirk

Have you ever tried a Long Island Iced Tea? If not, are you heading to your Applebee's Neighborhood restaurant to try one? Heck, it's only $1—less expensive than a soda and worth a try. Let us know what you think of this March $1 Neighborhood Drink at Applebee's in the comments. We always love your feedback and thoughts.