Parents score FREE coffee for National Coffee Day on September 29.

Did you know that 50% of parents need at least one cup of coffee to get through the day? It makes sense; between cleaning up messes, juggling after-school activities, and deciding what's for dinner, raising kids takes a lot of energy. Panera knows a thing or two about coffee and is offering something that all parents want and need: FREE coffee! 

This year for National Coffee Day, the fast-casual chain is giving parents and caregivers the gift of bottomless coffee. If you're a parent or guardian, simply head over to your neighborhood Panera on Wednesday, September 29, to get your free cup. You'll be able to fuel up all day long, no questions asked.

"Whether you are toddler parents, tween parents, teenage parents, older parents, foster parents, tired parents, stressed parents, or happy parents, you’ve had the realization that it’s going to take more than one cup of coffee to get you through certain days,” Eduardo Luz, Panera’s Chief Brand & Concept Officer said in a press release.

For bottomless brew, a standard mug isn't going to cut it which is why they're also selling a special cup for the occasion. Called the "Jump Start Jug," the gallon-sized container can be hauled around for sips any time of the day, making it ideal for the car. It also features a mock schedule covering the typical day of a parent. "8:00 a.m.: Lunches not made yet" and "4:00 p.m.: Parent taxi service begins" is almost too real if we're being honest.

As well as giving parents a much-deserved break, the company is also using it as an opportunity to tease their latest launch, My Panera+ Coffee. It's a coffee subscription service offering unlimited java for $8.99 a month, plus exclusive perks like free refills and drinks of any flavor and size. Is this what power feels like? Because with great power comes great responsibility!

You can win a free Jump Start Jug by entering their contest here.

Any parents fueling up on National Coffee Day this year? What do you think of Panera's subscription service? Sound off in the comments.