Thanks to Dr. Pepper, fans of the fizzy beverage can now have their (birthday) cake and drink it, too.

Dr. Pepper has a new flavor and it tastes just like birthday cake! Dubbed "Icing on the Cake," this sweet treat comes in a birthday-themed can, and you won’t find it on any store shelves. BUT, there's another way to get your hands on it!


This exclusive offer is limited to members of a special club: Dr. Pepper’s Pepper Pack. Members have posted on social media snaps of themselves and the special birthday delivery. During their birthday month, members of the club are gifted a box of the sweet stuff and a lovely card (aww!). Those lucky enough to have tried it say it tastes like vanilla frosting.

Want to become a part of the Pepper Pack? Fill out the application here – FYI, there are 23 questions and most of them are Dr. Pepper-related.  The closed group has 711 members on Facebook, so it's clear that not just anyone can become a part of the pack. You must be a true Dr. Pepper fan to get in on this one.

As the club description from Dr. Pepper's website says:

“We’re looking for our most serious 23-flavor fans to become a part of the Pepper Pack. As a member, you’ll be our partner in spreading the Dr Pepper love. With exclusive access and special content-making opportunities, we’ll shape the future of the Dr Pepper brand together.”

Looks like we have some work to do before we can try this special soda, either that or maybe a nice friend will share some of the "Icing on the Cake."  Either way, we hope to try this soon!


Are you a part of this exclusive club? Have you tried the birthday cake-flavored Dr. Pepper? If so, what did you think? Give us the scoop in the comments below!