Burger King is adding a dollar menu to compete with its age-old nemesis, McDonald’s.

On December 28, Burger King will be stepping up the competition and launching its own dollar menu, called the “$1 Your Way Menu.” At launch, the menu will only have four meals: a bacon cheeseburger, Chicken Jr. sandwich, fries, and a soft drink.

“Unlike other value menus, all items on Burger King’s newly unveiled menu are $1 a piece–that’s it,” the fast-food chain said in an attempt to slam its competitors. There will be no additional purchase required to access the dollar menu and it will be available at all of the company’s fast-food restaurants.

If you weren’t convinced just yet, Burger King is making the deal even sweeter. As part of its promotion, the restaurant announced that it has been depositing $1 into random customers’ Venmo accounts so that they can use that money to test out the menu for themselves.

Customers have already reported seeing the money deposited into their accounts. According to these lucky individuals, the note that Burger King adds to its Venmo deposit tells the recipient to save the money for something delicious and to spend it wisely.

So, be sure to check your Venmo account and see if you were one of Burger King’s chosen ones. If you weren’t, you might also be able to tweet at the company on Twitter. Some devout customers that have tweeted them with their Venmo account names have actually received their $1 in return.

Let us know in the comments if you’re able to snag Burger King’s money and if you plan on using it for the dollar menu!