Run, don't walk to try BK's updated chicken sandwich. We're all over it!

If you're ready to dive into the fray, make sure you get to BK and taste the new Ch'King sandwich. It's a meaty, hand-breaded chicken breast plopped on a glossy potato bun with the fixings of your choice.

It's so good, they're even hoping to catch Michelin's eye. Just kidding, but really, have stars ever been awarded for fast food?

Go for classic if you love pickles, or splurge on the deluxe for some lettuce and tomato. You can get the chicken spicy with a tingly sauce or plain, and doll it up with any add-ons you can think of. This is a very high quality sandwich, with a thick, juicy piece of REAL chicken. No mystery pink sludge here!

chicken sandwich

Photo by Sarina Petrocelly

So far, people seem to love it, while a few are saying that the breading is a bit much. Personally, I found it to be almost restaurant-quality and well worth the wait.  Take a look at what the Twitter-verse has to say:

In a recent press release about the new sandwich, Burger King is offering a great incentive to give it a try. From June 3 until June 20, when you order a Ch'King through the Burger King app, you can get a Whopper for FREE. Download the app and see if your local BK is participating.

Will you be trying the new Ch'King sandwich? Are you going for plain or spicy? Sound off and let us know what you think in the comments.