Would your dog be willing to try out this drink?

Yes, you read that correctly! Busch is looking for a dog to taste-test its new non-alcoholic beer created specifically for dogs! Impressive, right? 

The selected dog will hold an official title of Chief Tasting Officer and will win $20,000, an $800 pre-paid card to purchase pet insurance, and 10 four-packs of Busch Dog Brew. The original dog brew was so popular it sold out right away! Its ingredients contain celery, bone-in pork butt, turmeric, bone broth, mint, and other healthy herbs. 

The well-known "Busch Guy" had some words to say in regards to the dog's new job duties.

"It will be your sole responsibility to [shepherd] the great taste of Busch, research new flavors, take on pet projects," he said. "Your bark will have to be as good as your bite."

There are different ways for dog owners to submit their pet for the potential job of Chief Tasting Officer. People can post photos or videos of their pup on their social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), as long as they are following Busch Beer on whichever platform using a public account, in the case of sponsors seeking you out to view the application. Dog owners should use the hashtag #BuschCTOcontent and the word "entry" with a list of their dog's qualifications. Owners should ensure that their photos or videos will be high on creativity, originality, and relevance because those are the traits the panel of judges will be looking for!

Anheuser-Busch's vice president of value brands, Daniel Blake, summed up his company's hopes: "The reaction to Busch Dog Brew's release last year was so overwhelmingly positive that we knew we had a big challenge in Year 2 to keep the momentum going .... So to expand the brand this year, we needed a true expert on the space in our team."

The contest ends April 28, 2021, so be sure to get your application in before then!