Is this The One Where We Drink All the Coffee?

After we received news that Friends is leaving Netflix in 2020, along with The Office, we needed a little pick-me-up! And luckily, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has just the fix!

In honor of the 25th anniversary of Friends (yes, it's that old!), the coffee and tea company is featuring specialty themed drinks both in stores (limited number of locations) and to make at home. Fans are familiar with the famous coffee spot, Central Perk, where the six main characters would gather, drink coffee, and make us laugh, so it’s more than fitting for this collab to happen.


The first part of this collab includes six themed drinks modeled after each main character in the series, which will be available at any Coffee Bean store location. Here are the six themed drinks that will be available from July 31 until August 27.

"The Ross" – Classic Flat White


Courtesy of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Nothing exciting here. Just some strong espresso and steamed milk. The flat white is everything Ross wants to be; smooth, classic, and definitely not freaking out. Flat whites usually contain two shots of espresso and have a stronger taste of espresso than lattes or cappuccinos do. This is a tame choice to get if you don’t feel adventurous.

"The Joey" – Mango Cold Brew Tea


Courtesy of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Joey is as cool and fun as this tea itself. This mango tea is a perfect choice for anyone who isn’t a fan of coffee. Iced tea is always a classic to enjoy in the summer heat. Of course, you can say the same thing about Joey himself.


"The Chandler" – Caramel Coconut Latte


Courtesy of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Are you one of those people who bitterly watch as people drink their sugary coffee, and you’re ... curious? Maybe you need your own Monica to guide you? Treat yourself with something not overly sweet, but a good start. Breakaway from your plain ol’ black coffee and embrace the warmth of a good bath – no, latte. We mean latte.

"The Phoebe" – Cookies and Cream Ice Blended


Courtesy of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Is that a smelly cat? No! It’s vanilla, chocolate, espresso, and cookies pieces blended together to make a blended coffee drink that even Starbucks can’t live up to. This drink perfectly understands Phoebe. It’s sweet. It’s loud. It’s flavorful just like our favorite, child-at-heart guitar player.

"The Rachel" – Matcha Latte


Courtesy of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This trendy latte is all the rage which makes it perfect for Rachel Green. Geddit? Green? Matcha? This creamy latte features vanilla and matcha tea powder for an Instagram-worthy moment. That is, unless you’re on a coffee break.

"The Monica" – Midnight Mocha Cold Brew


Courtesy of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Perfection comes last with this decadent drink. Cold-brew mixed with dark chocolate perfectly balanced together for Type A’s like Monica. You don’t have to be competitive to know this one is obviously the best drink.

All of these six drinks will be available soon in stores. During the week of August 4, all Friends drinks will be buy-one, get-one-free to celebrate National Friendship Day!

If you can’t make it to a Coffee Bean this summer, but still want to join in on the fun, you can shop Central Perk online! Coffee Bean is selling all sorts of coffee and tea items. There's a medium roast and a dark roast coffee available. Or, if you’re a tea drinker, they’re also selling black tea for the same prices as the coffee. All of these items will be available throughout the summer.


This is a can’t-miss special event for any age fan of Friends. Which character has the best drink? (You know it’s not Ross.) Let us know in the comments below.