Forget pineapple, do walnuts go on pizza? 

Moreso than a Hogwarts House or astrology sign, someone's favorite pizza toppings tells you who a person really is. If you're looking to try out some potential new favorites that are endlessly more exciting than just pepperoni and sausage, here are five surprisingly awesome combinations that use ingredients you may not expect.

Black Olives and Pineapple

This combination is sure to be especially controversial, given that these toppings are already hotly debated on their own. If you're one of the people who fiercely believe that pineapple doesn't belong on pizza, you're going to miss out on these awesome flavors. The sweetness from the pineapple compliments the subtle savory flavors of the olives, while also providing a nice contrast in texture. These pair especially well on thin-crust, wood-fired pizzas, where you won't have to chew through as much crust to enjoy the unique flavor profile. 

Kale and Ricotta (and Sausage)

Kale on anything is already a controversial topping, but it goes surprisingly well on pizza when prepared correctly. Combined with ricotta cheese, it's a pleasant alternative for people who enjoy spinach or basil leaves on their pizzas. If you're planning to make this at home, make sure to lightly steam the kale until it's slightly wilted and bright green. This will crisp it up when it bakes, giving it a much nicer texture. 

Those who want more protein (or spice) in this dish can add some Italian sausage to really round out the palate. 

Walnuts and Blue Cheese

Whoever said that pizza shouldn't crunch is wrong. Roasted walnuts are a surprisingly appetizing topping when paired with a good, crumbly blue cheese. The result is a pizza texture that's cheesy, bitter, crunchy, and salty in all the right ways. If you're looking to make this one a little meatier too, try adding some dry, salty proteins such as smoked ham or prosciutto. Whichever variation of these topping combinations that you pick, you're sure to end up with something that will pleasantly surprise dinner guests. 

Anchovies and Roasted Garlic

Although they don't garner the same degree of vocal internet hate, anchovies might be the one pizza topping more controversial than pineapple. If you can get past the initial discomfort of toppings that will actively stare at you while you eat them, then anchovies pair well with roasted garlic. For even better results, slightly cook the anchovies in a pan before topping, and then crisp up the garlic in the resulting anchovy oil. The flavor may be a little fishy, but the quality sure won't be. 

Taco Ingredients (and More Taco Ingredients)

As it turns out, taco pizzas are a very real thing. After all, why wouldn't they be? Tacos are so popular that Tuesday was named just so we'd know when Taco Tuesday happens. A bunch of different taco ingredients all play nicely together on pizza. Taco ground beef with minced onions and nacho cheese? Sure. Shredded chicken with hot sauce and guacamole? Absolutely. If you feel like adding a bit of a crunch to a thin crust pizza, lightly crushed nacho chips pair surprisingly well too. 

What are some of your favorite pizza ingredient combinations? Let us know in the comments!