A 15-pound weighted blanket offered by Pizza Hut and Gravity Blankets promised relief from anxiety and deep (dish) sleep.

Pizza Hut briefly offered a limited-edition weighted blanket shaped like an original pan pepperoni pizza before selling out within hours last week. The company partnered with Gravity Blankets to create the blanket, which it said was "almost as warm and toasty as the legendary pizza itself."

The blanket weighs 15 pounds and is 6 feet in diameter. Pizza Hut said the blanket is perfect for fans of its pizza to snuggle under for improved sleep and reduced anxiety.

“There’s no better way to close out 2020 than eating a Pizza Hut Original Pan Pizza while wrapped in the warmth and comfort of the Original Pan Weighted Blanket,” said George Felix, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut. “This partnership with Gravity Blanket was the perfect solution to bring one of our legendary pizzas to life while bringing our fans a little TLC at the same time.” 

The blanket sold for $150. The online order form allows consumers to add their name to a waiting list if the blankets become available again, although neither Pizza Hut nor Gravity Blankets have announced plans to offer a second round.

Twitter reacted to the product with excitement, confusion, and sadness when it was no longer available.

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