If Chick-fil-A is your sweetheart's love language, then you're in luck through February 13.

Change the way you say, "I love you" this Valentine's Day. It's been a hard season with COVID, but you can help turn it around this V-day by embracing two other C's that are way more appealing: Chik-fil-A and Chicken; served heart-shaped, including the platter, of course!

Leave it to Chick-fil-A to put some love on their menu. They've selected the following menu items to be featured in these sweetheart trays:

These items are available at selected locations (so check with your local restaurant or Chick-fil-App to make sure they're serving these up before you set your Valentine's heart on these specialties), and only available through Saturday, February 13. 

Is this a Valentine gift contender this year? What other V-day gifts are you considering for your sweetheart or just for your solo beautiful self? Share in the comments.