What the world needs now is tortilla-love—sweet tortilla-love—and not to be charged for it.

If burritos, salads, and tacos aren't what you're craving, then maybe a burrito bowl would do the trick. Burrito bowls are all the incredible ingredients of a burrito in a bowl. Sans tortilla. Burritos can be eaten with a fork, which is a bit easier and less messy. Patrons have often asked for the tortilla on the side.

This year, restaurants have struggled financially and many chains have closed their doors. And now, Chipotle is charging 25 cents for the tortilla on the side. While 25 cents isn't a huge amount, Chipotle customers aren't in favor of being charged for something they've come to love.

Twitter fans have spoken up about the restaurant chain's decision to charge for side tortillas. Spoiler alert: Fans are none too happy.

Chipotle serves up monster-sized burritos with fresh and healthy ingredients. The restaurant boasts not using artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. You also won't find a freezer, microwave, or can opener at your local Chipotle. Fresh never tasted so good.

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