New York City's Christmas-themed pop-up bar Miracle is coming to the Mile High City, November 24 to December 24.

You can celebrate the holiday season with vintage Christmas décor, classic holiday tunes, and plenty of alcohol, thanks to Miracle, a New York City-based pop-up bar. It's coming to Denver for an entire month (November 24 to December 24), so there's plenty of time to soak in the magic of the Christmas season. Journey into a winter wonderland, complete with garlands, Christmas lights, candles, and tinsel galore! Miracle will whip up some holiday-themed spirits for you to enjoy, including "You'll Shoot Your Rye Out" (pumpkin-spiced rye whiskey, marshmallow syrup, egg) and "How the Gimlet Stole Christmas" (gin, sage and pine and caraway cordial). [gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="23392,23394,23393,23395"]
Find Miracle on Little Raven at Wayward Restaurant -- 1610 Little Raven Street, Denver. More details will be coming soon. What do you think of the Christmas-themed pop-up bar? Have there been other past pop-up bars in Denver that you enjoyed? If so, what were they? Know of any other pop-up bars, or events, happening in the Denver area? Share them with us by commenting below!
All images courtesy of Miracle on Ninth Street (Facebook page).

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