Who says that the holidays have to end in December?

Nobody's in a hurry to re-do 2020. Now that we've rounded the corner into a new year, there's a lot of exciting non-2020 things to look forward to! That said, we're also in a stretch of the year that isn't exactly bustling with holidays. Beyond Valentine's Day, there's not a lot of food holidays on the radar until much later in the year. If you're looking to extend the uniquely sweet flavors of the Christmas season for a bit longer, then you're in luck: Cold Stone Creamery's new(ish) creations are perfect for injecting a little holiday cheer into a season that's likely to feel like a collective post-2020 hangover. 

Cold Stone Creamery released their Chocolate Peppermint Perfection in December of last year, and anyone who's tried it will say that the name is pretty accurate. This indulgent creation offers the best of holiday flavors. It starts with a dark chocolate peppermint ice cream before getting topped with crumbled Oreos, whipped cream, and plenty of fudge. If that sounds like an absolute tornado of cozy December flavors, that's because it is. 

Oh, did we mention that this creation ALSO saw dark chocolate peppermint ice cream enter their lineup? If you feel like Chocolate Peppermint Perfection SOMEHOW isn't a decadent enough creation, you can always make your own! Want to pile on the caramel? Go crazy! Added Graham cracker pie crust for a bite reminiscent of that holiday home baking? Absolutely. Feel like crushing up some Heath Bars and M&Ms for flashbacks to that one weird midwestern family Christmas where the only food was convenience store candy? There is nothing physically stopping you. 

If you go crazy enough with the topping combinations, you may very well be able to ride the resulting sugar coma into a month where there's more of a consensus on how 2021 is going to go. Otherwise, this creation makes a perfect dessert for BOTH celebrations AND stress eating! There are few situations that don't benefit from the absolute Christmas overload that is a properly adorned Cold Stone creation. Just try to avoid eating it outside until the weather warms up. 

Are there any crazy holiday concoctions that you plan to order at Cold Stone? Let us know in the comments!