Coming to a park bench or Netflix marathon near you.

There are certainly times when it feels like ice cream is one of the few things keeping 2020 manageable. This summer had plenty of hot days to cool off from, and thankfully, Cold Stone Creamery has our back. They've recently released three new creations that are juuuuust sweet and indulgent enough to keep both the worries of 2020 (and calorie counting) at bay. 

Chocolate Devotion

Courtesy of Cold Stone

This creation definitely feels like a scientific study designed to see if people can overdose on chocolate. In fact, the only thing keeping this from being "too much chocolate" is that such a concept does not actually exist. No, seriously. Chocolate Devotion might be a bit of an understatement; Chocolate Obsession is probably more accurate. 

Either way, we're not going to complain that the minds at Cold Stone decided to whip up something this chocolatey. If you can think of a form of chocolate, it's probably in here. Seriously. Chocolate chips, chocolate brownies, and chocolate fudge in chocolate ice cream. All we need now is an aerosolized form of chocolate to spray on and make sure that every form of matter is represented. 

Birthday Cake Remix

Courtesy of Cold Stone

Are you one of the growing number of people who has had their birthday completely cancelled this year? Fear not: this creation is your birthday now. It's got scoops of Cold Stone's super yummy cake batter ice cream with an almost-excessive amount of rainbow sprinkles, brownie, and fudge. We personally like to get it served in a chocolate dipped waffle cone for an extra helping of that "every-day-is-your-birthday" indulgence. 

Think about how much this can help you salvage 2020. While other people are moping about not having been able to go out and celebrate their birthdays, you can basically have as many as you want! Does that count as lapping people? We think so.

Strawberry Blonde

Courtesy of Cold Stone

Rounding out the ice cream Holy Trinity is the new Strawberry Blonde. While this one didn't seem as appealing to us at first, a couple bites definitely sold us. It's incredibly sweet. Like, super-mondo sweet, but it never quite feels too rich. It's got strawberries, pie crust, caramel, and a whipped topping. If that sounds like all the ingredients to a strawberry pie, you're correct! Just like the birthday cake one, tossing it in a waffle cone is an excellent way to round out this incredibly indulgent treat.

What are your favorite orders at Cold Stone? Let us know in the comments!