Ice cream containing actual booze? We'll be eating this all summer!

Two summertime traditions—ice cream and beer—are merging into a single delicious treat this month. Coors is teaming up with New York-based creamery Tipsy Scoop on a hard seltzer ice cream set to drop on June 30, and its inspiration is perfectly nostalgic—the orange creamsicle!

The Coors Seltzer Orange Cream Pop blends the brewery's limited-edition Orange Cream Pop Seltzer into a dreamy ice cream that "tastes like a refreshing blend of orange and vanilla with a touch of sweetness." Like Tipsy Scoop's permanent lineup, each pint contains an ABV of 5-percent, which means only those over 21 can purchase it (sorry, kids).

In a press release, Matt Lafferty, Marketing Manager of Coors Seltzer at Molson Coors calls the concoction "an upgraded summer treat for the ultimate refreshment," which sounds amazing for those of us at the cookout who can never decide between Mint Chip or Coors Light.

Boozy ice cream may seem like a novelty, but the business is Tipsy Scoop's bread and butter. Crafted by Melissa Tavs, the scoop shop offers a variety of classic flavors shot up with liquor that results in heavenly combinations from Cake Batter Vodka Martini to Mango Margarita Sorbet. In addition to pints, they also sell cones, sundaes, and ice cream flights at three physical stores and pop-up shops found around the Big Apple.

The limited-edition flavor will be available in single $12 pints or a four-pack priced at $49 at all Tipsy Scoop locations. While pickup and delivery are only offered to New Yorkers, the rest of the country can take advantage of nationwide shipping. We can't see this flavor sticking around for long, so you'll want to grab your credit card before they're gone! You can pre-order here.

What do you think of this collaboration? Have you tasted boozy ice cream before? Let's hear your favorite flavors in the comments.