Time to drink more bubbly!

A unique deal went into effect last Friday, as Coors Distributing Co. signed a deal with two Colorado-born brands, DRAM Apothecary and Colorado's Best Drinks, to sell and distribute CBD-infused beverages alongside its products.

Jennifer DeGraff, Director of Marketing for Coors Distributing Co., stated in a press release:

"We are very excited to add Colorado's Best Drinks and DRAM to our portfolio, giving us the ability to offer amazing CBD hemp products to retailers and consumers in the Denver Metro area. We see a big demand for high quality and unique products in the non-alcoholic space and we think Colorado's Best Drinks and Dram are the perfect solution to fill that consumer demand. While both brands are locally produced and focus on using high quality ingredients to deliver superior tasting products that stand out above competition, they each have relevant and unique brand propositions to fulfill varying consumer demands."

DRAM Apothecary offers non-alcoholic "sparkling waters infused with broad spectrum hemp extract," while Colorado's Best Drinks offers a line CBD-infused sparkling sodas.

This marks the first step of a major beer company brewing their way into the CBD industry. The company is also rubbing elbows with Quebec-based Hexo, where they are more focused on bringing THC-infused products to the Canadian market. Coors began selling both DRAM Apothecary and Colorado's Best Drinks products on September 11.

What do you think of this new friendship forming between Coors Distributing Co., DRAM Apothecary, and Colorado's Best Drinks? Let us know in the comments below!