Move over, Starbucks!

Color-changing cups are taking over the summer! After Starbucks revealed its brand-new reusable color-changing cups, Costco decided to get in on the action and announced its own version.

Costco is selling the Manna Color-Changing Plastic Tumblers in a set of 12, complete with straws and lids. The 24-ounce cups come in four bold colors (three of each)—Orange, Blue, Green, and Pink—and fit most standard cup holders. They're available for $19.99.

Like the Starbucks cups, the Costco cups are also super popular and currently out of stock online. However, you can still pick them up in Costco stores.

The color-changing tumblers are popping up everywhere on social media:

If you can't make it to Costco or Starbucks, there are a few other choices for color-changing cups. Walmart carries a few cheaper alternatives, and an Amazon search yielded several other options.

We want to hear from you on this one. Are you getting in on the color-changing cup craze this summer? Share your favorite ones in the comments.