Costco says "Let them eat cake"—albeit a smaller one.

Everything sold in a warehouse store is sold in size, including birthday cakes. A decision by Costco to stop selling its half-sheet-sized birthday and celebration cakes has caused a bit of an uproar amongst the warehouse store’s fans. As the pandemic raged on in March and April, many grocery and warehouse stores closed their bakeries or reduced the type of products offered. Fans noticed the cakes were missing after a video on Costco’s Facebook page encouraged people to order graduation cakes, featured as 10-inch round cakes.

The demand for party-sized foods has decreased during the pandemic, and stores have only been selling staples and disinfection products in bulk. The half-sheet cakes were priced at around $20 and serve up to 48 people. Costco customers began issuing complaints about the change on the store’s Facebook page and someone even started a petition at

The new 10-inch cakes have a cheesecake filling and can serve up to 16 people. A representative from Costco’s social media team left this response to the cake controversy.

“To help limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing, Costco has reduced service in some departments. At this time, we are not making sheet cakes for special order. Thank you for understanding.”

If you can’t go another day without a giant sheet cake, you have options. Walmart warehouse giant Sam’s Club is still selling sheet cakes. Oddly enough, you can buy them in bulk without icing. Sam’s Club also sells custom round tiered cakes including a popular unicorn design for around $40. BJ’s Wholesale Club also sells them. In fact, you can buy a full sheet cake that serves up to 75 people, completely customized for any occasion. 

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