Local Washington, D.C., brewing company jumps into the hard seltzer market.

Hard seltzers have become quite popular in the last year, forcing liquor stores to add shelf space for the newest spirits fad. The seltzers have grown popular because they are a refreshing, convenient, and low-calorie alternative to beer. A UBS analyst told Business Insider the hard seltzer market is projected to grow from $550 million today, to $2.5 billion dollars in sales by 2021. DC Brau is introducing four flavors that will be sold in the brewery and distributed to stores later this month.

The names of DC Brau’s products have always echoed the culture of politics in the District. The new seltzers are aptly named “Full Transparency” and are emblazoned with an image of the U.S. Capitol building. DC Brau is happy to be one of the first local brands to provide the region with a seltzer option.

”It is not very often that we get to be a part of a brand new beverage category as it emerges in our industry. To say that this is exciting as producers and artisans is an understatement.” said Brandon Skall, DC Brau CEO & Co-Founder.

Image courtesy Pixabay

Full Transparency comes in four flavors: mango, black cherry, raspberry limeade, and passionfruit orange guava. Each 12-ounce can has one gram of sugar, 100 calories, and is 5 percent alcohol-by-volume. It can be purchased in single flavor six-packs or 12-pack varieties. Full Transparency hard seltzer is also naturally gluten-free.

DC Brau has started selling Full Transparency hard seltzers at its Northeast D.C. brewery and will be rolling it out to stores in the DMV around Thanksgiving. 

Are you a hard seltzer fan? Yay or Nay?