The limited-run pies come in four distinct varieties, including Detroit Double Pepperoni.

Motor City is the inspiration behind Pizza Hut's newest pie, and it's available now for a limited time!

On Tuesday, the chain launched Detroit-Style Pizza at participating restaurants nationwide. The doughy concoction features a rectangular crust, cheese-lined edges, and a vine-ripened tomato sauce drizzled on top. Each pizza retails for $10.99 and comes in four distinct varieties: Double Cheesy, Meaty Deluxe, Supremo, and Detroit Double Pepperoni. The latter is the real star of the show—described as "a work of pizza art," the pie boasts 80 pepperoni slices total, including crispy pepperoni cups for added texture and flavor.

Their ode to the regional specialty, which dates back to the 1940s from restaurant owners Gus and Anna Guerra, was a labor of love. The company spent a full year developing it and over 500 versions to reach the finished product. Some even received a trial run in the Midwest to get the local seal of approval.

According to Pizza Hut's chief brand officer David Graves, the result is something special. "The caramelized cheese crust and the sauce on top take the taste of this pizza to the next level.” The vine-ripened sauce was Pizza Hut's original twist and will only be used on the Detroit varieties. In other words, this isn't your ordinary pizza!

Pizza consumption has soared during the pandemic, and it's easy to see why. With customers' dining options limited to carryout and delivery and its propensity for large quantities, pizza has become the ideal quarantine food. Along with Pizza Hut, major chains like Dominos and Papa John's have thrived, seeing upticks in revenue as more people stay in and grab dinner to-go. After all, is there anything more comforting than a doughy, cheesy pizza?

Just in time for Super Bowl LV, Detroit-Style Pizza can be ordered through delivery, carryout, and curbside pickup. For extra convenience, be sure to use the Pizza Hut app!

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