You can win a free chicken taco pizza every Taco Tuesday through September 15.

Pizza has become one of the most popular takeout items during the pandemic for good reason. It’s easy, fast and delicious! In fact, pizza delivery has become so popular, America is facing a shortage of its favorite pizza topping, pepperoni. To meet the growing demand, Domino’s plans on adding 20,000 workers to its rolls by the end of this year. And in effort to keep things fresh and exciting, the company has announced the introduction of two new specialty pizzas to the menu: chicken taco and cheeseburger.

The new pizzas are available for delivery or carryout right now and are priced at $11.99 for a large, 14-inch pizza. Domino’s has a total of 14 specialty pizzas that include favorite combinations from across the country, including Buffalo chicken, Philly cheese steak, and Honolulu Hawaiian. 

"We're excited to add even more options to our lineup of delicious specialty pizzas," said Art D'Elia, Domino's executive vice president-chief marketing officer. "Now friends and family who are craving a taco or cheeseburger on pizza night won't be disappointed. Domino's new taco and cheeseburger pizzas are sure to satisfy everyone.”

The chicken taco pizza combines taco seasoning, grilled chicken, onions, green peppers, and diced tomatoes with a mix of American, provolone, and cheddar cheeses. The cheeseburger pizza starts with a mustard and ketchup sauce, a key component of the cheeseburger and is topped with American cheese, ground beef, onions, and tomatoes, along with the classic provolone and cheddar cheeses. 

New digital and television advertising will begin on Monday, August 31, along with a special “Taco Tuesday” contest. Every Tuesday through September 15, Dominos is giving you the opportunity to win a free chicken taco pizza. Just visit Domino’s Instagram and Twitter accounts on Tuesdays, and follow the instructions. 

What do you think? Do either of these new pizza options sound good to you? Tell us in the comments!