Fans of craft beers, rejoice! 

Dry Dock Brewing Company is the first craft brewery to have opened in Aurora, and they're announcing an exciting new look for their company logo and packaging! Fans of their diverse and flavorful craft beers should keep an eye out for the first wave of updated cans and cartons hitting liquor store shelves in May. 

The company has featured a nautical theme since Day 1 of its launch back in 2005. This new direction will feature more colorful artwork and a more modern appearance while still remaining faithful to the brewery's original inspirations. Each can will feature new signature art courtesy of Blindtiger Designs from Seattle, WA. These changes in art direction will also apply to the company's biodegradable cardboard cartons as well. 

Courtesy of Dry Dock Brewing 

This sleek, modern look is the result of a year of working closely with artists and manufacturers to chart a new course for the brewing company.

"We couldn't be happier with the end result," says co-owner Michelle Reading.

While the new artwork remains faithful to Dry Dock Brewing's original visions, it also represents a bold new direction for the brand. Dry Dock has been a well-respected player in Denver's diverse craft brewing scene, and their new branding pays homage to that. 

Craft brewing fans should rest assured that the new cans will still feature Dry Dock Brewing's signature bold flavors. Over their 15-year history, Dry Dock Brewing has produced a wide array of exciting brews and interesting flavor combinations. Our personal favorite is their Hop Abomination IPA, a veritable warship of flavor that manages to somehow combine floral and citrus notes with a strong hoppy flavor. Other highlights include their Grapefruit Double IPA and seasonal Coconut Chocolate Blonde

The Dry Dock Booty Box will also feature some fresh new artwork! This hefty 12-pack features an array of Dry Dock Brewing's greatest hits, along with a special rotating exclusive that can't be found anywhere else! A portion of the proceeds from every Booty Box sale will go towards the Dry Dock Gives Program, which has raised over $17,000 for causes such as mountain conservation and education. 

With many local breweries experiencing challenges stemming from the COVID-19 developments, this is a great time to both support your favorite brands and experience all sorts of interesting new flavors. If you're looking for something more casual to sip during your digital happy hours, consider trying their line of Mysters Hard Seltzer. Each flavor marries subtle fruity flavors with a dose of serious wallop. 

Which one of Dry Dock's craft beer flavors are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!