It's a Good Year to Be Thirsty!

2021 is already looking to be a massive improvement over 2020. Beyond the enthusiasm about the potential end of the pandemic and lower volume of wildfires compared to last February, this year is making massive strides in an area where it counts: craft beers. 

Dry Dock Brewing is a beloved brand for Colorado beer fans, and it's not hard to see why. Their catalog of brews has featured nonstop hits—garnering awards from the critics and long-distance beer runs from their customers. If you've ever had their Apricot Blonde beer, it's not hard to see why. Same with their Amber Ale, Sour Apricot, and Vanilla Porter. 

It goes without saying that their new Signature Series Release has us super excited! This month is bringing us several limited release Dry Dock Bombers which will be available at both their tasting room and select retailers across the state. Each one of these bombers packs quite a punch—both in flavor and alcohol content.

First off, their Bligh's Barleywine is exactly what it sounds like. If you're a fan of malty flavors, then this is a perfected belated Valentine's Day gift for yourself. It boasts a complex, malty profile with a strong caramel backbone. Bold oak and whiskey flavors combine with hints of dark fruits for a brew that also boasts an aroma of coconut, toffee, and a subtle hint of the alcohol kick that's about to come. With an impressive 11.5% ABV, this brew is sure to leave a strong impression. This drink is also available as a Hazelnut Bligh's Barleywine, which maintains the same strength while also underscoring the drink with some savory notes of hazelnut. 

Meanwhile, Dry Dock's Imperial Stout is a must-try for people who like to take a walk on the bitter side. It sports a robust and pronounced roasted bitterness that plays nicely with its chocolate undertones and dark fruit backbone. For an extra layer of flavor, this beer is aged in whiskey barrels for 10 months, allowing it up to pick up some additional coconut and vanilla hints that blend well in its overall flavor. This brew also comes with 12.5% ABV, so make sure to buckle up when you first pour it. 

If that above paragraph didn't already sound indulgent enough, then Dry Dock also has a Chocolate Blood Orange Imperial Stout, which starts with all of the amazing brew mentioned above before adding blood orange to really compliment the vanilla flavor. Everything's better with chocolate, and this drink is no exception. 

These four new flavors are a perfect encapsulation of everything that makes Dry Dock so beloved. Their attention to detail and enthusiasm for working with unconventional ingredient profiles make for a quality beer that's honestly challenging to find anywhere else. Given how many craft breweries there are in Colorado, that's a steep competition! 

What's your favorite Dry Dock brew? Sound off in the comments.