Dunkaroos, the popular '90s snack, is making a comeback, and you can find them in an oddly convenient place.

In early February, '90s kids rejoiced when they heard that General Mills was planning to bring Dunkaroos back to the U.S., and this nostalgic, sweet snack is finally being seen in stores! When General Mills made their original announcement, it was said that the cookie-icing combo would hit shelves this summer, but the sweet treat is making its appearance a bit earlier. In addition to the announcements in February, Dunkaroos started gearing up for re-release by giving out free packs earlier this month.

Finally, after months of waiting, several Twitter and Instagram accounts have posted pictures in the last week of Dunkaroos packs available at none other than 7-Eleven! The convenience store is carrying the most popular flavor: vanilla cookies, vanilla frosting, and rainbow sprinkles—priced at $1.99.

But, what if you didn't get any free packs and can't make it out to a 7-Eleven? No worries! The Dunkaroos' Instagram confirmed that the snack will be coming to more retailers at the end of May; however, they have yet to announce which select retailers will be selling the fun treat.

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