The fruity beverage will be available through August 18 at select Massachusetts Dunkin' locations.

The world runs on ... bubble tea? Dunkin' has rolled out a seasonal bubble tea beverage for select locations this summer, and it looks as delicious as it sounds. The drink is called the "Popping Bubble Iced Tea," and it features the company's signature iced green tea with strawberry tapioca pearls.

The coffee chain reported the delicious details to Masslive, saying the drink will "burst in your mouth for an explosion of strawberry sweetness with each sip." Tell us more! "Guests can also enjoy Popping Bubble Dunkin’ Refreshers, with strawberry popping bubbles added to Dunkin’ Refreshers’ combination of iced green tea, flavored fruit concentrate, and B vitamins for a boost of brightness and energy. Both are served with a special, extra-wide Bubble paper straw."

Boba, or bubble tea, is a creamy fruit drink that originated in Taiwan in the 1980s; since then it's caught the world by storm with its range of textures and the trademark tapioca pearls at the bottom of the cup. Popular flavors include honeydew, matcha, and black tea.

But the company isn't stopping there. In addition to bubble tea, the menu features warm-weather sips like Summer Shandies, Dunkin' Refreshers, and Layered Ice Tea, which if you ask us, are the perfect accompaniments to a socially-distant walk.

The trial menu kicked off at the beginning of July and will run through August 18. Sadly it's limited to a handful of locations in Massachusetts, but we're crossing our fingers the rest of us will get to try them sooner than later. To those in The Bay State, you can find them at the following stores:

  • 625 E. Main St., Westfield
  • 127 N. Elm St., Westfield
  • 1056 North Rd., Westfield
  • 142 Main St., Haydenville
  • 55 Damon Rd., Northampton

What do you think of Dunkin's newest beverages? Sound off in the comments about which ones you'd like to try!