Because caffeine is exactly what we need right now.

dunkin caffeine coffee

Just in time for 2021, Dunkin’ is releasing an “Extra Charged Coffee” that has 20 percent more caffeine than its regular hot and iced coffees. The energized drink is exactly what the world needs right now to pump us up for the new year and help us forget the past one.

“Heading into January, people could use a little extra of a lot of things, including extra encouragement, extra energy, and extra excitement,” the company said.

Dunkin’s Extra Charged Coffee launched in stores across the United States on Wednesday, December 30, and will only be available for a limited time. You can catch one of these supercharged drinks anytime from Wednesday until January 26. A medium Extra Charged Coffee will only cost you $2 and can be served hot or iced. It includes green coffee extract, which is the ingredient that adds the extra kick to the drink’s caffeine levels. The caffeine is extracted from the bean itself before going through the coffee's roasting process. 

Dunkin' revealed that they decided to create the Extra Charged Coffee based on the demands of their customers. According to researchers at Dunkin', guests were looking for an extra caffeine boost in their drinks this year. However, adding extra espresso shots changed the flavor profile of the Dunkin' drinks. Therefore, the new Extra Charged Coffee will give customers much-needed energy without altering the drink's taste.

Now, the Extra Charged Coffee won’t be the only new addition to Dunkin’s menu. Stores will also start brewing two new coffee blends called Dunkin’ Midnight and Explorer Batch. Dunkin’ is promoting the Midnight as its darkest roast ever and a replacement for the Dunkin' Dark Roast. The new blend is rich and smooth with hints of decadent cocoa and a dark finish. It hails from Central and South America and pairs very nicely with Dunkin's Jelly Filled Donut. Explorer Batch, on the other hand, is more of a medium roast with notes of dark berry and an earthy, smoky finish. The coffee beans for this blend come from Sumatra, Ethiopia, Colombia, and Guatemala—the four major coffee regions of the world.

dunkin caffeine coffee

There will also be a couple of new food items dunking their way onto the menu this season. One of these items will be the Dunkfetti Donut, a cake donut ring with confetti sprinkles baked inside and topped with a sweet glaze. You can also expect to see a gluten-free fudge brownie and Croissant Stuffers—croissants filled with chicken, bacon, and/or cheese.

If all of these new menu items have got your head spinning, then you may want to check out Dunkin’s new quiz to figure out what you should try first. Called the “My Dunkin’ Mood Quiz”, the questionnaire will help customers identify the best drink for their mood. The quiz is available at from now until January 31 and every customer that takes the quiz will also be entered into a contest to win prizes such as free coffee for a year or $5,000.

So, are you supercharged for the Extra Charged Coffee or the new Dunkfetti Donut? Let us know what you think in the comments!