We're *swooning* over the Pink Velvet Macchiato!

Love is in the air ... or is it the smell of coffee and chocolate? Is there a difference? Not at Dunkin'. Their Valentine's Day menu just arrived at our doorsteps with a box of truffles and roses in hand, and it's giving us the butterflies! For a limited time, indulge in sumptuous coffee beverages and the adorable heart-shaped donuts we look forward to year after year. They'll make the perfect pairing for a romantic evening at home!

Surprise your sweetheart with the Mocha Macchiato, which features a blend of espresso and chocolate, while the Pink Velvet Macchiato marries the delectable flavors of a red velvet cupcake—chocolate and cream cheese—with coffee. Plus, that pink color is absolutely dreamy and would definitely make Cupid blush.

The ever-popular heart-shaped donuts come in two flavors and are reminiscent of your favorite foil-wrapped chocolates. The Cupid's Choice Donut is stuffed with Bavarian cream and has pink strawberry icing with sprinkles. The Brownie Batter Donut is a chocoholic's dream with brownie batter filling, vanilla icing, and chocolate sprinkles. Love has never tasted so sweet!

In addition to the drive-through, Dunkin' also wants to take you down the aisle with the Marriage on the Menu contest. One lucky couple will win a Dunkin'-style wedding bash complete with complimentary goodies from their wedding merch line. Sadly, it's limited to love birds from the Big Apple, but we can still purchase some love-themed swag from their pop-up shop when it opens on February 11. Instead of the traditional pink, red, and white theme for these TBD items, Dunkin' is embracing its iconic magenta and orange colorway known around the world.

Whether you'll be cuddling with your sweetie or lounging in front of the TV, make these treats part of your V-Day festivities. You can find them at your nearest Dunkin'. Much like love itself, these seasonal goodies are fleeting, so enjoy them while they last!

Are you going to celebrate V-Day with a trip to Dunkin'? What treats will you pick up? Let us know in the comments.