You're going to eat out anyway, why not save?

Of all the subscription services that take a bite of our income on a monthly basis, how many actually pay off? Better yet, how many pay off when you go out to eat at Denver's best restaurants?

Let's face it, you were going to try them anyway – that's where Denver's latest dining club, Eighth & Fork, has your back. 

The newly launched dining club is built upon two passions: 1) celebrating the explosion of Denver's food culture and its ability to bring people together and 2) helping those who are less fortunate. Membership is only $100 per year, or $8.33 per month – that's cheaper than Netflix – and it affords members 20 percent off your entire bill at participating restaurants.

You'll also receive an ultra-classy, heavily weighted membership card that you can whip out and make your friends think 'who are you?' in the best way possible.

Photo: Leña

By now we know what you're thinking – yes, it includes alcohol. 

As far as restaurants go, this month includes One Barrel American Bistro and Wine Bar, Leña, and Rolls by Chubby Cattle, just to name a few! What's more, though, is that every time you use your card in July and August, Eighth & Fork will donate one meal to the Denver Rescue Mission.

Now that's something we can get behind. 

So go ahead, check them out online, and we'll see you out there Denver!

What are your thoughts? What's your go-to restaurant in Denver? Let us know in the comments!