Peanut butter lovers can now enjoy their favorite treat in whiskey form.

There's a new whiskey in the barrel at a Colorado distillery. Old Elk Distillery has created a new whiskey blend based on America’s love for peanuts. The new PB&W blend combines three different peanut flavors with Old Elk whiskey, creating a new craft liquor. Flavored liquors have become more popular in the past years—everything from Vodka to Irish Creams have been blended with flavors to be used in cocktail recipes or served alone.

Old Elk is primarily known for its slow proof bourbon and decided to foray into the favored liquor category.

“Consumers have come to know ‘PB&J’ and have started to show interest in the flavored whiskey category. With the peanut butter flavored whiskey category growing we couldn’t think of a better brand than PB&W that allows for the liquid to be whiskey forward with a true peanut butter flavor and finish, said Luis Gonzalez, CEO, Old Elk Distillery. “With our ability to scale, and the flavor profile of PB&W, we are excited about the fun, funky and classic twists consumers and mixologist will explore.”

Peanut Butter Whiskey

Courtesy of PB&W

PB&W Whiskey is made to enjoy as a shot or incorporated in a cocktail concoction. It's available for sale in 40 states across the U.S. and will be featured in a tour of tastings around the country. It can be paired with flavors from the traditional peanut butter partners—think chocolate, bananas, or berry liqueurs. PB&W Whiskey comes in a 750 ml bottle and is priced around $25.   

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