Two words: Free. Beer.

Who doesn't want to drink beer to pay the bills? I know I would! 

Natural Light just announced on Twitter that they are looking for a summer intern who will get paid to drink Natty Light for eight weeks! This is a serious and real thing; it is not a joke! 

Hurry up and apply because you only have through May 19 to submit your resume! 

My. Mind. Is. Mind. Blown. 

Courtesy of GIPHY

Here's the announcement:

The requirements are very simple: be well-rounded with minimal computer and social media skills. Natural Light's website states that you simply need to "be cool" to qualify for the position. 

Oh, and of course, you need to be 21 or over for obvious reasons. 

Leon, Natural Lights brand manager, stated that they are looking for "well-rounded, fun-loving human beings who know how to get things done." You won't have to shake around your shiny 4.0 either; all GPA averages are being accepted!

The job will require that you attend sporting events and travel to cool places – pretty awesome, huh? 

While working for Natty Light, you will also get social media and marketing skills to add to your resume – this is great for those who are graduating soon! 

Whether you're looking for a temporary position or just a short side gig, we think that this is a perfect position. So, dust off those resumes, and get to submitting! 

Are you a fan of Natural Light's Beer? Are you going to apply for this position? Tell us in the comments!