Hungry and bored? Buy some Twizzlers and get free Showtime.

One of America’s favorite licorice brands is giving fans a special treat this summer. Now through September 6, 2020, you can get one free month of Showtime service when you buy three packages of Twizzlers. Once you purchase the candy, you have to upload a picture of your receipt and the company will send you a special code that you can redeem for a free 30-day subscription.

Twizzlers were created by Y&S Candies in 1845 in the traditional black flavor. The company didn’t add any new varieties until the 1970s, when it introduced strawberry, grape, cherry, and chocolate. Purchased by Hershey in 1977, Twizzlers now makes seven types of licorice, including traditional, nibs bite-size licorice, filled varieties, and pull n’ peel. 

To qualify for the freebie, you can buy any type of Twizzlers, eight ounces or larger. Choose from favorites like strawberry twists, black, or cherry pull n’ peel. You can find 8-ounce and 16-ounce varieties for as low as $2 per bag, getting you 30 days of entertainment and a ton of candy for around $6.

Twizzlers Showtime promotion

Courtesy Twizzlers, Hershey

Showtime normally costs $10.99 per month and is accessible from a variety of platforms including Apple, Roku, Android, Chromecast, and more. Just download the appropriate app for your device and enter your promo code to start watching. Showtime is home to movies, documentaries, and original series including Billions, Homeland, Black Monday, Nurse Jackie, and more. You must be 18 years of age and a U.S. resident in order to claim a code. 

You better hurry if you want to redeem this offer. Twizzlers and Showtime will end the offer once a certain number of codes are redeemed. You have until September 6, 2020, to redeem the code once you receive it.