Get in my belly!

On Tuesday, Girl Scouts announced some exciting news—a new cookie will be joining the lineup for the 2022 cookie season. And it's got us putting on our stretchy pants, 'cause our waistlines aren't prepared for the sheer deliciousness that awaits us.

Called Adventurefuls, the new addition is a brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt and promises to give you "an incredible taste of adventure in every bite."

adventurefuls girl scouts cookies
Courtesy of Girl Scouts

In addition to the Adventurefuls, Girl Scouts also announced that new Cookie Business badges will help the Girl Scouts to "think like entrepreneurs as they run their own cookie businesses and incorporate online sales via the Digital Cookie® platform."

Girl Scout Cookie season will kick off from January through April, but local timing will vary. Sign up for notifications on to be one of the first to know about Adventurefuls and other cookies' availability in your area.