Firebox rolls out a version of cranberry sauce with vodka and glitter, and it sounds absolutely magical.

Thanksgiving dinner’s underappreciated condiment just got a makeover courtesy of Firebox that's sure to catapult cranberry sauce into the spotlight. This new take on an old staple is a far cry from the jellied goop spooned from a can you may be used to.

The new product features cranberry sauce amped up with both booze and edible glitter, with some orange zest for a little extra zing. Sounds amazing, right? The official product description puts it like this:

  “You simply can’t beat the cranberry-orange-vodka combo. To be honest with you, we can’t believe nobody’s thought of it before.”

We can’t believe it either and are somewhat mad that we didn't think of it first. (It's fine. We're not bitter ...)

There's, however, one catch to this sparkly jar of deliciousness, and we here in the United States cannot get our hands on it. Unfortunately, the company is unable to ship the product to the U.S. currently, though they hope to be able to soon. (So fingers crossed!) Maybe someone stateside can work on a homegrown version, because we know this is going to be a pretty big hit.


For those of us who usually make our own cranberry sauce, adding some vodka and a little edible glitter may be just the extra ingredient that we need to take that holiday table from "okay" to "OH YEAH"! We can see sparkly side dishes being a big hit with the kids and kids at heart alike.

What do you think about cranberry sauce that sparkles? Do you think it needs that extra bit of bling or is cranberry sauce the star all on its own? Let us know what you think and share your favorite way to enjoy cranberry sauce in the comments.