New year, new Oreo cookies.

Line up for "Milk's Favorite Cookie" and enjoy a classic Oreo cookie, without any gluten. While there are thousands of gluten-free options lining the grocery store shelves, nothing takes the place of an Oreo!

As with anything new, the public has already chimed in with opinions of the expected cookies:

There's a growing number of people with celiac disease or who choose to avoid gluten in their diets. Gluten can be difficult for some to digest, causing abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, and other symptoms. Gluten is found in grains, especially wheat, and contributes to the elasticity of bread dough. As you read the ingredients list on most baked goods, you'll find wheat on the list, with gluten listed as an allergen.

Chex cereal, Snyder's pretzels, and Blue Diamond crackers are all gluten-free. Manufacturers such as Crunchmaster, Enjoy Life, and KIND have focused their entire lines of foods to be gluten-free. Many food manufacturers have begun research to provide the same tasty products, without the gluten that causes harmful effects. Oreo is now one of those food manufacturers that is meeting the needs of those avoiding gluten.

"Today, some 3.1 million people across the United States follow a gluten-free diet. 72 percent of them are classified as "PWAGs" - people without celiac disease avoiding gluten," says Forbes.

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