I scream, you scream, we all scream for... WWE ice cream?

As if we need another way to proclaim our love of wrestling, the folks at Good Humor are bringing back an '80s icon. The WWE-themed ice cream treat will be a "vanilla frozen dairy dessert sandwiched between two vanilla wafers." Yum!

Each ice cream sandwich will be emblazoned with an edible portrait of a wrestling superstar, just like the ones from way back when.

The wrestling world—nay, the entire globe—is abuzz with the news and chomping at the bit for some of their beloved sweets. Apparently, there have been calls for the revamp of this childhood favorite for years by wrestlers and spectators alike.

Recent news reports have the product pricing falling between $3.00 and $5.29 per box of four and a release date some time in February 2020. Purists will likely bemoan the lack of the signature chocolate layer, but hey, at least they're coming back!

For more information and updates on the product release, follow along with the Good Humor Twitter account.

Are you excited for the resurrection of the WWE Superstar Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches? Sound off in the comments!