Unsurprisingly, people describe them as tasting exactly like gummy bears and pickles. So, there's that. 

*Originally published on December 20, 2020:

If you love gummy bears and you love pickles, then is there a treat out there for you. Maybe. 

The family-run, Texas-based One Stop Pickle Shop is out there coming with mind-blowing flavors that are kind of a big "dill." Its offerings run the gamut from garlicky peppercorn pickles to chili lime dills, which all seem pretty normal. But, this shop kicks things up a notch with some very unique flavors—including "Glorious Grape," "Queen Pina" (yep, it's a pina-colada themed flavor), and the very interesting "Gummi Bear," which has surprisingly garnered five out of five stars for its reviews (there are only two reviews, but still).

According to One Stop Pickle Shop, the pickles are exactly as advertised, with the description, "Sweet fruity gummi bear candy flavor!"

Do people really like this flavor, you may ask? And the answer is, yes! A verified buyer on the site called them, "My favorite!"

Instagrammer JunkFoodMom probably wrote the most extensive review, telling her many followers, "How did they do it?? This pickle has the sweetness of gummy bears but yet! still tastes like a pickle. After 1 pickle chip I kept reaching for another in state of bewildered awe." Check out her post below:


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Who knows what sorcery the pickle people over in Texas have conjured to make gummy bear pickles a thing, but it has appeared to have worked.

You can check out the One Stop Pickle Shop, and its wide variety of flavors, on its website.

What do you think? Are gummy bear pickles your jam? If you try them out, let us know!