Candy brands change strategy in the face of the pandemic. 

With many, many celebrations looking different this year, it is likely that Halloween will follow suit. While a recent poll by the National Confectioners Association shows that 74 percent of those who believe Halloween is more important than ever this year as we try to adjust to the new normal, the very act of trick-or-treating is the kind of socializing we've been told to avoid. 

So, candy makers are springing into action way early this year. If you think you've seen Halloween candy on your local store shelves, it isn't just wishful thinking. Confectioners are banking on the idea that you are spending more time at home, and therefore, might want more sweet treats at your fingertips starting in August. 

In addition, they are changing their usual sales strategy to meet the changing needs. Hershey's will be limiting its Halloween packaging, so the candy will appear less seasonal.

Confectioners are anticipating that the Halloween celebrations that do happen will be within small groups or just a single family. Hershey's has seen sales of the family-size packs increase throughout the pandemic, as snacking has become more commonplace, so you will likely see more of those big, assorted bags on the shelves from a variety of companies as they try to meet the shifting look of the holiday.

“We expect that there will be more at-home activities, with families sharing timeless traditions and new ways for people to celebrate with neighbors,” said Hershey's Chairman and CEO, Michele Buck, on a quarterly earning call.

Other brands, like Mars Wrigley, which makes Skittles, Snickers, are devoting more resources to stocking up product for e-commerce, Ad Age reports.

While COVID-19 threw a wrench in the supply chain for a wide variety of products (we'll never forget the toilet paper drought of 2020), it appears the candy world will keep spinning. Since companies have had time to plan for the upcoming holiday, there will still be plenty of candy on hand to "borrow" from your kids. 

What are your Halloween plans? Are you stocking up on candy already? Let us know in the comments below.