Heinz is continuing to show us the best of both worlds.

Back in 2018, Heinz created a mash-up of flavors by mixing some of the world's favorite sauces. This led to the release of the Mayochup, Mayocue, Mayomust, and Kranch. However, the condiment company was nowhere near done experimenting and now it's testing out some new mixed flavors. 

Heinz announced the release of Tarchup (tartar sauce and ketchup), Wasabioli (wasabi and garlic aioli à l'ail), and Hanch (hot sauce piquanté and ranch). However, you won't be able to try the new flavors unless you visit our neighbors to the north. The sauces are now available for a limited time at select grocery stores across Canada for $2.99. 

“We’ve seen incredible success with innovations such as Mayochup and Mayoracha,” said Daniel Gotlib, associate director, brand building and innovation at Kraft Heinz Canada. “There’s a lot of appetite for Heinz mashups as consumers continue to explore bolder and more unique flavor pairings. Surprisingly, there is a lot of social conversation about condiment mashups and we saw an opportunity to work with our fans in creating mashups that are inspired by them,” he added.  

Heinz came up with these new flavors by searching through a decade's worth of old social media tweets, blogs, and forums. Tarchup was created based on a decade-old, late-night tweet from someone named Arianne from Toronto. Arianne said, "Fish and chips with loads of tartar sauce and ketchup would do me just fine in this midnight hour." The idea for Wasabioli was discovered on an online fashion wedding forum where "Emma from Toronto" posted about a homemade garlic and wasabi mayo that was "kinda delicious." The last flavor, Hanch was based on a post by @SouthLondon on Reddit about a pizza order. He said, "I must admit I mix hot sauce with ranch."

"Heinz surprised each sauce creator by making their creations a reality, and then worked with them to bring their sauce to the Canadian marketplace," Heinz said. Fans of the different flavors can visit https://www.heinzcrowdsauced.ca/ to learn exactly how each creator influenced the brand. 

Which of these flavors would you want to try? What would you put them on? Sound off in the comments.