It looks like McDonald’s has had a change of heart about a product removed from the menu more than three years ago. In 2017, the company took HI-C Orange Lavaburst from its menu to make room for newer beverages. The orange drink had been served at McDonald’s since 1955 and was one of the few non-carbonated drink choices. It was also a popular choice for parents when ordering a drink for their kids’ Happy Meals. After the drink was canceled, fans expressed outrage on social media and even set up a petition on change.org.

The persistence of fans calling for its return tugged at the heartstrings of McDonald’s executives, and this year, they agreed to bring it back. In an announcement on social media, the company said HI-C Orange Lavaburst will be available at all U.S. stores by this summer.

Since the pandemic began McDonald’s has rearranged its menus, streamlining food choices while adding popular fast-food and coffee shop items. The restaurants axed all-day breakfast, removed grilled chicken sandwiches and salads while adding in new chicken sandwiches and bakery items.

HI-C Orange Lavaburst

Courtesy of McDonald's

McDonald’s will be rolling HI-C out to select stores in February and the rest of the country by June 2021. Starting February 15, you can use a special “HI-C Tracker” to find a store near you that carries it. If you just can’t wait, you might be able to find HI-C Lavaburst in juice box form at a grocery store. Unfortunately, like most soft drinks, HI-C doesn’t quite taste the same as it does coming from the fountain.

The return of HI-C Orange is a lesson to fast-food fans everywhere; never give up. Here's looking at you, Taco Bell Mexican pizza lovers. Keep the faith.