Inspired by "Frozen 2," the Olaf Frappuccino on Starbucks' secret menu is almost certain to cool you down after all that holiday shopping!

"Hands down, this is the best day of my life!" 

In honor of Frozen 2, the popular blog site Totally the Bomb created an Olaf-inspired Frappuccino that will give you a warm hug ... or a brain freeze. Sadly, this unique drink can only be ordered during the winter season since it requires a snowman cake pop as decoration. The drink's "formula" consists of vanilla bean frappuccino, white-mocha drizzle, whipped cream, chocolate swirls, and a snowman cake pop.

Before you are bombarded with strange looks, make sure to explain to your Starbucks barista exactly what you are ordering. The Olaf Frappuccino is a secret menu item that over-zealous Frappuccino fans and Frozen enthusiasts created themselves, so the barista may not be familiar with how to make it without instructions. 

The Olaf Frappuccino was spotted circulating the internet just before the premiere and had fans in awe because it's "just so beautiful." If you want to make the barista smile, go in wearing your Olaf leggings or shirt when ordering. 

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How to Order:

  • First, order a snowman cake pop.
  • Next, ask for white mocha drizzle.
  • Then, ask for a vanilla bean frappuccino.
  • Top the specialty drink off with whipped cream and chocolate swirls.
  • Finally, shove the snowman cake pop in the side (it's worth it!).

Just keep in mind that the drink has no coffee in it so it's the perfect treat for you and your kids after going to see Frozen 2! Just don't freeze your face when you get to the checkout because the drink comes out to about $10 with the cake pop. 

Have you ordered this drink? Do you think you will order it now? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!