Our favorite artist and our favorite cookie have joined forces to create ... "Chrom-Oreos."

You read that right. Lady Gaga is now dabbling in creating America's favorite munchie. She just announced a joint venture between her latest album, Chromatica, and Oreos.

Lady Gaga cast aside the iconic chocolate cookies for a milder vanilla-flavored cookie. According to Delish, these limited-edition cookies are "made with pink-hued Golden Oreos with green colored creme and three Chromatica-inspired cookie embossments on the outside, including a beautiful heart design.

This "dramatic" Oreo is a pink cookie with green filling, according to Lady Gaga in the video she tweeted. Even her dog joined in the video shoot as Lady Gaga opened the first package of the new cookies.

The cookies will be available, in six-cookie packages, starting in January 2021.

"You can also sign up for the Lady Gaga x OREO Stan Club on to be notified when the cookies officially drop. Need more convincing? The first 1,000 subscribers will receive a complimentary pack of Lady Gaga Themed Oreo cookies when they become available." 

Spread the love and the excitement! Lady Gaga and Oreo invite you to send an encouraging "OREOgram" to someone you love. Between December 15, 2020, and April 30, 2021, you can create your own message. That message will be quickly transformed into a song. For more information and to create your message, "scan the QR code on the pack of specially-marked classic Oreo cookies or Lady Gaga-themed Oreo cookies or go directly to SingItWithOREO.com and get singing!"

These aren't the first limited-edition cookies for Oreos. Since 1912, Oreo has created nearly 100 flavors, including Mint Chocolate Chip, Key Lime Pie, Marshmallow Moon, Strawberry Shortcake, Mocha, and Cherry Cola Oreo.

Whether you're a dunker, a twister, a gobbler, or a mini-biter, check your store shelves or search online for Lady Gaga's Oreos.