Why have one when you can have both?

Remember when you got those mini boxes of Kellogg's cereals back in the day? Those were the perfect size for mixing various cereals together for ultimate breakfast fun. Now, thanks to Kellogg's, you can have all that fun with half of the work! For a limited time, grab your serving of nostalgia with Mashups, a cereal featuring both Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops.

If you feel like you need this pick-me-up breakfast option, retailers nationwide have you covered. This cereal has been seen at several major grocery stores, but act fast since this treat is in limited supply! 

With more people eating at home during quarantine, new and unique breakfast recipes have been surfacing on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. One recipe in particular takes a classic breakfast to the next level by making it tiny. Pancake cereal is a huge hit on TikTok but is a simple recipe where you cook tiny pancakes, pile them in a bowl, and add your favorite toppings. Easy, fun, and delicious!

mini pancake cereal

Courtesy of Delish

Have you ever created a unique cereal or breakfast recipe? Could you have the next great trend idea? Share your creations in the comments!