Move over, Lucky Charms. Kellogg's just upped its breakfast game—with unicorns.

Want to start your morning off with rainbows and sunshine? Are you a fan of mythical creatures and magical lands? Then, Kellogg’s newest frozen waffles are just for you!

Kellogg's released Unicorn and Mermaid Waffles that aren’t only colorful but are magically delicious, too. The Unicorn Waffles are pink and taste just like cotton candy, while the Mermaid Waffles are teal in color and taste like blue raspberry. All you have to do is pop them in the toaster and enjoy your delightfully delicious creation (maybe even with some whipped cream, chocolate, and sprinkles).

Kellogg's has not released any official announcement regarding the new breakfast menu items. However, the waffles are listed on Walmart’s website and many people on Instagram and Reddit have already reported snagging them from their local grocery stores. Some of the stores where the waffles have been spotted include Albertsons, Safeway, and Vons. This means that the waffles are not store exclusives and will likely be found in many stores near you! 


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Kellogg's also recently released Birthday Cake Waffles, which you can also find on store shelves right next to the mythical creatures line. These waffles are made of yellow cake and topped with colorful rainbow sprinkles—so much delicious goodness!

So, which waffle is for you? Let us know if you’re Team Unicorn or Team Mermaid in the comments!